HI Emission Around Spiral Edge-On Galaxy UGC10043.

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The image is centered in the spiral edge-on galaxy UGC10043 and its neighbour MCG +04-37-035, which are at a distance of ~32 Mpc from us and appear to be independent objects in the optical band, but are found to be physically connected by hydrogen gas when observed at 21 cm with the VLA. This association could be the sign of a past interaction or event involving the two galaxies, which would in turn help explain some morphological peculiarities found in UGC10043, like the elongated bulge and minor axis dust lane seen in optical data. Also in the field, we find galaxies UGC10049 and J154855.4+214532, located respectively west and south from UGC10043, both visible in optical and 21 cm. The optical images, represented as pink light, are a combination of R band and H alpha images, and the orange sources correspond to radio continuum sources detected by NVSS. The background image is taken from the ESO Digital Sky Survey.

Investigator(s):  Lynn D. Matthews

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLA 
    Date of Observation 2004-05-03 
    Type of Observation Spectral Line Observations 
    Center of Image RA: 15:48:41.20, Dec: 21:52:9.80 (J2000)  
    Field of View 0.3650 x 0.2883 degrees  
    Technical Caption The HI emission around UGC10043 is conformed by a difuse, extended component that was detected with the VLA in configuration D( 106 minute integration time), and a more dense structure detected with the C array (14 hours integration time). Al HI data was take in spectral imaging mode, and the channel images were added up along the velocity axis to form this integrated image. The total flux measured for UGC10043 is 22.23+/-0.73 Jy*km/s. The optical images used here were taken with the WYIN telescope at Kitt Peak through Harris B filter and a narrowband filter (W016) centered at ~6620 AŠ, transmitting the redshifted Halpha+[NII] emission. Exposure times were 750s in R and 1200s in Halpha, and the plate scale is 0.141"/pixel. The radio continuum sources were detected by tne NVSS in the 1.4GHz continuum band.  

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