Star Formation in Ophiuchus

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Recent advances in our understanding of the physical processes which take place during protostellar evolution have lead to the suggestion of an evolutionary sequence. In this proposed evolutionary sequence, molecular outflow characteristics are expected to evolve with age. In order to better understand this evolutionary sequence, we have conducted a survey of the outflow characteristics toward several protostars in Rho Ophiuchus by imaging the CO 2-1 emission over a 35x17 square arcminute region. By comparing these data with the ISOCAM census of all of the embedded YSO's in the Rho Ophiuchus core (Bontemps et. al. 1999), the 1.3mm continuum emission imaged by Motte, and the Bontemps (1996) survey of outflow properties, we have further defined the outflow evolution of the YSO's in the Ophiuchus star formation region.

Investigator(s):  J. G. Mangum, P. Andre, S. Bontemps

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Technical Data

    Telescope 12m 
    Date of Observation 1998-02-22 
    Type of Observation Spectral Line Observations 
    Center of Image RA: 16:24:4.00, Dec: -24:24:30.00 (B1950)  
    Field of View 0.5833 x 0.2833 degrees  

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