Seyfert Galaxy 3C120

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The active galaxy 3C120, located at about 450 million light-years near the Orion constelation, hosts a jet of particles with relativistic energies and velocities, observed here at radio wavelengths (1.3 cm) with the VLBA. The monthly sequence of images, starting in November 1997, shows the motion of several regions of enhanced energy moving in the plane of the sky at velocities of about 4-5 times that of the speed of light. Variability in the emission of these regions is interpreted as resulting from the interaction of the jet with "clouds" of material surrounding the central engine of the active galaxy (see the journal article for details). There is also a version of this image without the contours here.

Thanks to the VLBA we can now make "movies" of these cosmic jets, by combining sequence of images of 3C120. The following movie files are available for 3C120:

Investigator(s):  José-Luis Gómez et al.

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLBA 
    Date of Observation 1999-03-00 
    Type of Observation Continuum Observations 
    Band K 
    Wavelength 1.2 cm 
    Frequency 22 GHz 
    Center of Image RA: 04:33:11.10, Dec: 05:21:15.60 (J2000)  
    Field of View 0.0000 x 0.0000 degrees  
    Technical Caption  

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