Radio Jets of 3C449

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VLA radio image of dual radio jets emerging from opposite sides of the nucleus of a large elliptical galaxy whose optical dimensions are about 1/10th the radio features. The redshift of the galaxy is 5400 km/s; the distance is 180 million light-years for a Hubble constant of 100 km/s/Mpc. The radio jets expand to form diffuse radio lobes outside of the galaxy halo. The interpretation is that the jets delineate the channels through which energy flows from the nucleus to power the outer radio source lobes.

Investigator(s):  R.A. Perley, A.G. Willis

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLA 
    Date of Observation 1978-09-29 
    Type of Observation Continuum Observations 
    Center of Image RA: 22:29:7.63, Dec: 39:06:3.50 (J2000)  

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