Supernova 1993J

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Investigator(s):  Jon Marcaide, Eduardo Ros, Antxon Alberdi, Philip Diamond, Irwin Shapiro, Jose-Carlos Guirado, Dayton Jones, Robert Preston, Thomas Krichbaum, Arno Witzel, Franco Mantovani, Antonio Rius, Richard Schilizzi, Corrado Trigilio, and Alan Whitney

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLA 
    Date of Observation 1994-00-00 
    Type of Observation Continuum Observations 
    Band X 
    Wavelength 3.6 cm 
    Frequency 8.4 GHz 
    Center of Image RA: 09:55:24.77, Dec: 69:01:13.70 (J2000)  
    Field of View 0.0000 x 0.0000 degrees  
    Technical Caption  

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