Neutral Hydrogen & Infrared Probes of Star Fomation

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI and Amanda Heiderman; NRAO Summer Student/UC Berkeley(for details, see Image Use Policy).

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Image of Hickson Compact Group 7 depicting neutral hydrogen gas (red) from the VLA and infrared observations from the IRAC instrument on the Spitzer Space Telescope (blue and green). Neutral hydrogen gas tells astronomers about the distribution of the gas (shown here in red) and the dynamics of the group. The infrared observations show stellar light (blue) and warm emission from dust (green)- the signature of stellar formation. Studies of neutral hydrogen and infrared emission in compact groups help astronomers to better understand their evolution and how the dynamical state is linked to the level of star formation activity.

Investigator(s):  Amanda Heiderman, John Hibbard, Kelsey Johnson

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLA 
    Date of Observation 1993-12-10 
    Type of Observation Spectral Line Observations 
    Center of Image RA: 00:39:23.00, Dec: 00:52:41.00 (J2000)  
    Field of View 0.1667 x 0.1667 degrees  
    Technical Caption This image of HCG 7 is composed of VLA HI C+D array configuration data. The Spitzer IRAC bands shown are (3.6, 4.5) microns in blue and (5.8, 8.0) microns in green.  

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