Sagittarius A radio continuum

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The radio continuum observations of Sagittarius A (Sgr A) plus the continuum arc in the direction of Galactic Center at 20 cm. The most interesting result from our observations is the recognition of a system of narrow filamentary structures, which make up the continuum arc, having typical widths of 20 arc seconds (~ 1pc). These radio filaments are perpendicular to the galactic plane, parallel to each other, regular, unbroken and homogeneous in their appearance. The presence of a halo of 8 arcmin diameter (24 pcs) surrounding the Sgr A East shell can also be seen. This halo consists of a number of large scale protrusions directed perpendicular to the galactic plane.

Investigator(s):  F. Yusef-Zadeh, M.R Morris, D.R. Chance

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Technical Data

    Telescope VLA 
    Date of Observation 1983-05-00 
    Type of Observation Continuum Observations 
    Band L 
    Wavelength 20 cm 
    Frequency 1.4 GHz 
    Center of Image RA: 17:43:15.00, Dec: -28:52:0.00 (B1950)  
    Field of View 0.4167 x 0.4167 degrees  
    Technical Caption Observing runs - 1982 September and 1983 May at the VLA in B- and C/D-configurations using 27 antennas.  

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